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DJ Robert Stowers started off as a dream when I was a kid. My passion for music has always been my go to for entertainment. Growing up in the small town of Richwood WV, nested in a valley between two mountains. Radio reception wasn't strong, actually it was pretty much non-existent outside of the town.  I grew up on country music coming from a AM station in our town, 600 AM WVAR Radio Richwood. It was always playing in my dads, basement shop as he would work on vehicles, and on those snowy mornings when I was anxiously waiting on school to close. If the weather was nice and luck, had it. I could tune into a FM station in a neighboring town of Summersville, WV

92.9 WCWV, now known as Nick 92 FM. There I started to enjoy the pop rock genre. 


My new found love for music would come on Saturday nights as I would tune into 103.7 WCIR in Beckley, WV there I would listen to John Garabedian's Open House Party. This was possible by touching the cable tv line to my radio antenna, through a FM antenna that the local cable tv company had on their tower. Radio reception for subscribers was stronger than just the antenna alone. This was discovered one day when I put my radio near my tv on my dresser trying to get better reception, I noticed that the signal was much stronger than ever. This new-found DJ (John Garabedian) was awesome with his style of mixing songs. It was that moment when I wanted to be a Radio DJ. I found myself recording his shows and editing the tapes. I would pretend like I had my own radio station, even though the sound or signal never left my bedroom.


It wasn't until high school that let my inner DJ skills out. I would take my parents cabinet style sound system with the big speakers, to the high school gym.  There I would play songs for the different classes that couldn't afford a professional DJ. We'd all gather up our favorite CD's and tapes and I'd flip songs all night long.

For years in the back of my mind I wanted to open my own DJ business.


It wasn't until the summer 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic raging and movie theaters being closed.  I purchased a projector, inflatable screen and a sound system to watch movies outside in our backyard.  One night while watching the new Scoob movie with the wife and kids, I thought to myself as I watched the movie.  This would be an awesome way to make money and incorporate it in with DJ'ing and Karaoke. Few days later I made the decision to file with the state of West Virginia, to pursue my dream and open DJ Robert Stowers LLC. Within a few weeks of getting all the legalities out of the way, I created a Facebook page, and was on my way to success. In 2023, I was asked by a radio DJ friend of mine to join the family at Lake Country 95.7 WSWW as a fill in DJ. Now two of my biggest dreams have come a reality. 


I'll close with this if you do what you love it will never be work. I love my new business and love meeting new clients and helping them make memories they will cherish forever.

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