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Frequently Asked Questions page  


Why would hiring DJ Robert Stowers be the best choice for my wedding/event?

DJ Robert Stowers will be the glue that hold the party together. I know the music that will keep your guest up on their feet. I am always following the newest artists/songs and know good old school songs too. I read the crowd and know what songs to play at the appropriate time, to keep the crowd energetic and going. I interact with the crowd and keep them motivated. I will also ensure all your special songs/dances will go without interruption and on time. I have professional equipment and access to 90 million+ titles of any music genre.

Do you do a wedding contract to ensure all the information is correct and agreed on?

Yes, once the booking deposit is paid, I will send the contract out. It has all the information I need to make sure your special day is perfect.

Do you accept credit/ debit cards?

Yes, I accept all major credit/debit cards. I also do PayPal and Venmo

Do you do a booking deposit and how much is it?

Yes, booking deposit is 100.00+Tax and non-refundable if date is cancelled. Deposit must be paid before date is saved.

Can I make payments before the date of my wedding?

Yes, Payments can be made. 100.00 minimum.


What if I cancel or haft to chance my wedding date after payments are made?

All money paid except for the booking deposit and a 10% cancellation free will be refunded.

However, if the date is changed and the new date is available. All payments and deposit will be applied towards the new date.


What if DJ Robert cannot fulfill my date due to unforeseen circumstances? 

I try my best to fulfill any date I have booked. However, if a unforeseen emergency arises 

and I cannot make it. I have other DJ friends that I work with. If they are booked and cannot fill in for me, a full refund including booking deposit will be refunded.

Do you do wedding ceremonies along with the reception?

Yes, I can do a ceremony as a add on.  I have a separate set up just for ceremonies. This allows me to be able to go from ceremony to reception without any delay in music  


How do you choose the music?

It's all in the wedding worksheet. I ask you to assign a percentage of music genre that you like. There is also room for specific music request?

Our ceremony and reception are at two different locations is this an issue?

Not at all, I have two separate systems, that I use for this type of scenario. Additional charges may apply.

Our Location we chose does not have power is this a issue?

Not at all, depending on your specific needs. I can do battery power or generator. Don't worry about the generator its super quiet and will not be heard at all.

Do you have Wireless Microphones for the reception speeches/toast. 


Do you have a light show setup?

Yes, I have a Stunning light show that flashes to the beat of the music. This adds enthusiasm to the party. 

Can we add Karaoke to our reception?

Yes, this is always a good choice and add on to any reception as its a way to keep the crowd entertained and keeps your guest around longer.

Will you be the emcee for my wedding and make announcements?

Yes, I will emcee the event and make all the necessary announcements. There is a section in the contract that goes over all the announcements.

Can my guest request songs?

Yes, only if you allow them to. This is a question covered in the contract. I will screen all request and make sure they are appropriate for the occasion.

Will you stay longer than the agreed time if we are still having a good time?

Yes, overtime is 50.00 per hour for any additional hours needed.

What if your equipment fails during my ceremony/reception?

When dealing with electronics there is always the possibility of an equipment failure. I treat all my equipment with the highest level of protection and test it before every event. Should a piece of equipment that I'm using fail. I always have a backup plan in place. That's were having two systems comes into play. I also have all my music backed up onto my phone should my laptop fail. So have peace knowing that your event will go one with minimal interruptions during an equipment switch out if something should fail. 

More questions to be added soon. If you have a question that's not listed, please reach out to me.

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